Enforce Tac 2022 Germany

In 2022, Enforce Tac will be celebrating its 9th anniversary. The latest in LE equipment for 360° security is again being presented by the special fair from 1 – 2 March 2022 at the exhibition centre Nuremberg.

The hard job of security experts from the police, judiciary, border protection, customs, military police and armed forces demands the latest security equipment and arrest, interception and overpowering techniques to ensure the best possible protection of operational forces against fatal injuries. Besides guns, ballistic accessories, optronics and tactical equipment, the exhibitors at Enforce Tac therefore present operational clothing such as bullet-proof vests, stab-proof vests, body protection, face protection, shields and helmets.

As Transvaro, we will bring our products together with the professionals of the sector at the fair where the newest technologies are exhibited.

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