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ENGEREK® 9 Cooled Thermal Multi Purpose Tactical Binocular

ENGEREK®9 is a multifunctional cooled handheld thermal binocular viewer.

• MWIR Cooled Thermal Camera with Optical and Digital Magnification
• Thermal automatic gain / palette / contrast / gain area selection / detailing
• Low-Light Daylight Camera with Optical and Digital Magnification
• Ethernet, WIFI Video Transfer, Fusion, Image Stabilization, Auto Focus, PiP E-Magnification
• Photo / video capture and display function in internal memory
• Transfer of recordings in internal memory to USB memory and video recording on USB memory
• Laser range finder measurement in meters / yards / feet
• Target vertical and horizontal distance, spot elevation, direction and elevation angles and coordinate display
• Geographical, UTM and GRID coordinate detection
• Day / Thermal Cooler Standby / Thermal Cooler Active modes for Energy Saving
• Operator Control Unit and Mobile Router with Working feature
• Remote control feature with Rugged Tablet
• Video output interface, direct connection to an external screen