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TV/ENGEREK® S40/S40W Thermal Weapon Sight (Stand-Alone)

ENGEREK®-S40/S40W a thermal weapon sight which is designed to be used as a standalone for lightweight weapons. It provides the user with safe target detection and identification with the aimer’s eye visor apparatus.


Common Features 
FOV16.3º x 12.2º
Focus Range3m to infinity
Detector Type640×512 uncooled microbolometer, 17µ pixel pitch
NETD<=50mK at F1.0 lens

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General FeaturesS40S40W
Number of buttons34
IR laserYesOptional
Optical Magnification1.3X1.3X
Remote controlYesOptional
Wireless connectionOptionalYes
Bullet counterOptionalYes
Video recordingOptionalYes
Weight (excluding batteries)<600 g<700 g