TRV/FUZCAM 01 Fusion Armoured Vehicle Camera

Lightweight and Compact Design
Thermal, visible light + NIR and fusion output modes Anti-fog
IP67 resistance
Brightness and contrast control (1-10 Levels)

General FeaturesVNIR CAMERA
Format640X480  Pixel 18µ
ManufacturerMicrotasarım TRV-VNIR 6418
Frame rate≤25fps
Balistic Protection3A level
General FeaturesTHERMAL CAMERA
SensorMicrobalometre LWIR  uncooled
Format640×480 Pixel 17 µ
ManufacturerMicrotasarım TRV-VOX 6417
Frame rate25fps
Spektrum8-12 µm
Balistic Protection3A level