TRV / GUARD 019 is a multi-sensor camera with automatic target detection and moving target tracking. The device is integrated with SWIR Camera, MWIR cooled thermal camera, low light day camera, laser range finder, laser pointer, GPS and digital magnetic compass.


  •  Multiple Target Detection and Moving Target Tracking.
  •  MWIR Cooled Thermal Camera with Optical and Digital Magnification.
  •  Optional SWIR camera unit available.
  • Automatic Thermal gain / pallet / gain area selection / detailing.
  • Low Light Daylight Camera with Optical and Digital Magnification.
  • Low Light Camera day-night modes / electronic-optical fog correction / contrast / saturation / detailing.
  • Laser range finder measurement in meters/yards/feet.
  • Target vertical and horizontal distance, spot elevation, heading and elevation angles and coordinate display.
  • Geographic, UTM and GRID coordinate detection of the device and target location.
  • Does not require zeroing and calibration settings.
  •  Pan-Tilt Unit It can move n x 360 ° continuously in horizontal (pan) and +/- 40 ° in vertical (tilt) axis. Pan-Tilt Horizontal Vertical axis angular speed can be increased up to 20 ° / s and position precision is 0.1 °.
  •  Pan-Tilt unit speed and position control is done with a command control unit.
  • Automatic target detection and automatic target tracking.


  • Border Security
  • Target Locating