ENGEREK®8 ​​is a multifunctional cooled handheld thermal binocular viewer. The device is integrated with MWIR cooled thermal camera, low light daytime camera, laser range finder, laser pointer, GPS and digital magnetic compass. It has a compact and robust structure and is easy to use and transport.


  • MWIR Cooled Thermal Camera with Optical and Digital Magnification
  • Thermal automatic gain / palette / contrast / gain area selection / detailing
  • Low-Light Daylight Camera with Optical and Digital Magnification
  • Low Light Camera day-night modes / electronic defog / contrast / saturation / detailing
  • Photo / video capture and display function in internal memory
  • Transfer of recordings in internal memory to USB memory and video recording on USB memory
  • Laser range finder measurement in meters / yards / feet
  • Target vertical and horizontal distance, spot elevation, direction and elevation angles and coordinate display
  • Geographical, UTM and GRID coordinate detection
  • Day / Thermal Cooler Standby / Thermal Cooler Active modes for Energy Saving
  • Operator Control Unit and Mobile Router with Working feature
  • Remote control feature with serial communication interface
  • Video output interface, direct connection to an external screen


  • Sınır Güvenliği
  • Görev
  • Devriye
  • Hedef Arama