“TV / VVS-2 an armoured vehicle driver periscope, is designed for armoured personnel carriers, tanks and self-propelled guns, allowing the driver to easily see and drive safely with the help of a wide viewing angle without any illumination during night.

The TV / VVS-2 has a periscope structure and thanks to its wide eyepieces, it allows the driver to easily see the front as if he was looking through the window, by maintaining the driving comfort.

The TV / VVS-2 can operate for at least 3 days even in the event of a power failure due to the backup battery.”

General Features:

  • 45° horizontal 35° vertical wide view angle
  • Due to being a passive system, it does not require any illumination
  • One-to-one display from the single eyepieces to the driver with a large screen allows the driver to perform more comfortably and efficiently.
  • Especially on rough surfaces, the old systems with double oculars provide impaired vision, which with this important innovation of this system is eliminated.
  • The safety of the systems in the event of a collision is proven.
  • VVS-2 Periscopes is steerable 2×30° to cover 105° horizontal and 35° vertical view (MOD 4 2×40° covers a 135° horizontal field of view)
  • Gen II+ Image Intensifier tubes are used.
  • All prisms and lensed contain an anti-reflecting coating
  • The periscope operates with 12-28 V DC or 2x 1.5V DC AA type battery (excluding MOD2 model)
  • The body of the system is made of aluminium alloy and gives the system the required strength and robustness.
  • In addition, the lightweight structure provides the driver easily changeable night / day periscopes.