The sight system measures the angle with the earth with azimuth and elevation data via the information flowing through the laser range finder and calculates the ballistic parameters and locates itself to the correct angle to minimize human fault.

General Features:

  • Modes: VNIR camera day and night vision
  • Laser range finder
  • Ballistic computer, digital compass, digital zoom
  • Target coordinate detection (range and angle)

Technical Specifications

  • 400-1100 nm VNIR Camera day and night vision
  • Laser Range Finder ( NATO target 2.3×2.3m) 1200 m
  • Ballistic Computer directs the device to the ammunition projectile path
  • GPS ± 10m RMS
  • Digital Compass +2°
  • Digital zoom 16x
  • Detection of target coordinate, target coordinate UTM or GRID
  • Detection of target range and angle in meters or yards, 1° inclination angle sensitivity
  • Automatic motorized control
  • Possibility of recording ten different types of ammunition