TV/TSB-11 TRACK STROBE BEACON; is a marking device designed for use in challenging conditions with its efficient energy consumption, ergonomic design, four different operation modes and the ability to send personnel information with RF

General Features:

  • Military standard, strong, lightweight and rigid body
  • Long-range bright white light
  • Customizable colour modes
  • Personnel identification system (RF ID)
  • Selectable frequency band (225 MHz- 800 MHz)
  • Modulation PCM 32 bit
  • Working with standard CR123 battery
  • Easy to use one-handed operation
  • Low profile construction

Tactical Applications

  • Determining the number and location of personnel in the operation area
  • Determination of the area where the personnel of the land troops are located with IR thermal or different flash shapes as visual
  • To be able to distinguish friend/enemy in IR mode at night operations
  • Increasing the search and rescue efficiency by identifying the point location visually in flash mode
  • Sending RF signals to aircraft, helicopter and/or ground vehicles via helmets in track strobe beacon. This information is retrieved by the receiver in the aircraft and/or land vehicle. These encoded signals are converted to identification information on the screen.

Strobe Specifications

Electrical Specifications

  • Light Modes: Low IR (Strobe)
  • High IR (Strobe)
  • Green (steady)
  • Green (steady) + bright white (strobe)
  • Battery: 1xCR123

Operation Time: Green (steady)+bright white (strobe):  >10 hours (25°C)
High IR (Strobe)>24 hours (25°C)

Mechanical Properties

  • Weight (without batteries): <55 g
  • Device colour options: Black / Urban tan / green
  • Dimensions (mm): A=75, B=36, C=49

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating temperature: -20°C / +70°C
  • Immersion: 1-meter water 30 min.
  • Vibration option: Yes
  • Reverse polarity protection: Yes
  • Program change feature: Yes

Personal ID Monitoring System

  • Multi-channel receiver bandwidth: 225 MHz 800 MHz
  • Antenna Type: omni directional
  • Monitor TFT: 8 inches (OLED screen optional)
  • Memory Unit Capacity: max 64 Gb
    Receiver sensitivity: -120 dBm
    Channel separation: -70 Db
  • Operation voltage: 5 to 28 V
  • Operation current: max 500 Ma İD Log capability: 5 sec/15 personal İD Total weight: 1 kg (without battery)
  • ID Personal code detection range: 3000 mt. (open area)
    Operation Temperature range: -20 +55 °C