General Features:

  • Modes: Fusion IR, low light CMOS, fusion focus, fusion colour & IR colour
  • Range finding in fusion mode
  • Automatic and manual adjustment of brightness and contrast
  • 4x zoom picture in picture
  • Automatic identifying and tracking hot target in all modes
  • Infrared and LLL fusion
  • No shutter image
  • Electronic compass positioning
  • Small and flexible
  • Easy to carry

Standard Accessories:

  • Power cable
  • Data cable
  • Charger
  • Carrying pouch
  • Operating manual

Technical Specifications:

IR Camera Thermal camera sensor Vanadium oxide detector, 8 µm – 14 µm, 17µm 384×288,                          <50mK@ F1.0 30Hz
Field angle 17°x13°
Shutter No shutter, adaptive scene correction
VNIR Camera Low light sensor 0.4 µm – 1.2µm  2048×2048  <0.0001Lux  30Hz
Field angle 10° x 7°
System Performance Image mode IR Spectrum Fusion IR / LLL Spectrum Fusion colour / Fusion focus
Optical zoom 4x optical zoom in picture
Intelligent Algorithm Fusion of hotspot targets for automatic tracking
Brightness / contrast Manual / Automatic
Image enhancement Fusion defog enhancement
Image capture Tap to take an image
Image storage Built-in 16GSD card, can store not less than 20000 still pictures
Image download USB
Video display Support PAL analog video
Built-in display 720×540 LCOS
Electrical interface Power supply, USB, analog video
Mechanical interface 1/4 inch tripod
Batten charging USB power adapter 5V DC
Battery continuous working hours ≥6h
Fusion imaging distance Fusion, 1.8m X 0.5m person; detection; ≥ 4000m; identification ≥ 1500m
Electronic compass Yes
Rangefinder Yes
Physical Performance Weight ≤ 500 gram
Size ≤ 175mm x 88 mm x 50mm
Operating temperature -20°C/ ±60°C
Storage temperature -40°C/ ±60°C