NWS series night vision weapon sights are lightweight with a compact design, produced based on military standards.

General Features:

  • The NWS-4 was designed especially for short and medium range weapons with a calibre of 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm, while the NWS-6 was designed specifically for medium and long-range surveillance and sighting purposes up to 12.7 mm.
  • The fully ruggedized and qualified design offers 4X or 6X magnification and a high-resolution image, to allow effective operation during lowlight conditions
  • 2 pcs. 1.5V AA battery which allows up to 70 hours continuous use
Model TV/NWS-4 TV/NWS-6
Magnification 4X 6X
Field of View 5,6°
Tube Type 18mm GEN II+/GEN III
Focus Range From 15m to infinity From 30m to infinity
Diopter adjustment -4 to +4
Battery 1XCR123/AA
Battery Life Minimum 40 hours @ +20°C
Identification Range Human                      Starlight 1100m 1500m
(With GEN III, 64 lp/mm)                          Moonlight 2200m 3100m
Weight (without batteries) 810 1800
Dimensions (mm) 205x83x82 280x100x100