General Features:

  • “Dovetail” connection interface provides secure connection of the night vision goggle to the helmet
  • Reduces the risk of neck injuries with that breakaway function on impacts
  • Adjustable break away function and sensitivity
  • Ergonomically designed for one-handed use 
  • With its low-profile it covers a minimum space on the helmet
  • Can be used with devices that can be fitted to the “dovetail” interface (AN/PVS-18,AN/PVS-15,Transvaro BIN-3,AN/PVS-31,GPNVG-18, AselsanA100)
  • Can be used on different NVG models due to its additional adapter parts on the “Dovetail” interface (E.g: TV/MON-3)

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight :135g
  • Front/rear adjustment :2,7cm
  • Vertical height adjustment :2,2cm
  • Tilt adjustment :±5˚
  • Flip-up: Yes
  • Colour: Black