“TV/MON 3 and 7 product lines, is a new generation and multi-purpose night vision goggle. TV/MON 3 continues its superior performance against brine, rain, high humidity, extreme heat, shocks and bumps with military-standard optics built into a strong, lightweight, compact and ergonomic composite body. TV/MON 3-7 With its wide accessory options, the TV/MON 3-7 is suitable as a handheld, for headbands, helmets or directly mounted on the weapon if desired.

It can even be used underwater up to 6 meters by attaching filters with special scuba glasses. With its product-specific accessory, the two devices can also be used together as a binocular.

TV / MON 3-7 is also configured to protect the image intensifier tube in high-light environments, if desired. Depending on the headband or helmet, the user is able to lift the device up, in which case the device will turs itself off automatically.”

General Features:

  • Easy to use as a handheld or helmet mounted device due to its light weight
  • Manual gain control in varying light conditions. (only TV/MON 7)
  • Automatic brightness protection (only TV/MON 3)
  • Automatic switched off in stowed position
  • Can be used as a weapon sight with weapon mount
  • Easy adjustment
  • “Low battery” and “IR Illumination on” warnings

Standard Accessories:

  • Lens cap
  • Carrying pouch
  • Lens tissue
  • Anti fog lens tissue
  • Lens brush
  • Operating manual
  • AA battery

Optional Accessories

  • Transport case
  • Head mount assembly
  • Helmet mount assembly
  • Weapon mount assembly
  • Twist mount base adapter
  • X3 afocal magnifier lens
  • X5 afocal magnifier lens
  • Power connector
  • Low temperature adapter
  • Vehicle power adapter
  • AC power adapter
  • Camera adapter
  • Remote control switch
  • Demist shield
  • Diver mask mount assembly
  • Sacrificial lens
  • Interface converter
  • Scope adapter

Optical Specifications

  • Magnification: 1x
  • Field of View: 41°±2°
  • Focus Range: 25 cm to infinity
  • Objective EFL: 26mm
  • Objective F No: F1.16
  • Diopter adjustment: +2’den -6’ya
  • Eye Relief: 25mm
  • System resolution: ≥1.4 lp/mrad (depending on tube type)
  • Image Intensifier Tube ≥ 18mm Gen 2+/ Gen 3

Physical Specifications


  • Dimensions (without eyecup): 105 -115mm
  • Length*: *Depends on focus and diopter adjustment
  • Width: 42mm
  • Height: 67mm
  • Weight: 295 gr (without batteries)

Carrying Pouch:

  • Dimensions: 205mm(L) x 330mm(W) x 80mm(H)
  • Weight: 270 grams

Transportation Case:

  • Dimensions: 300mm(L) x 430mm(W) x 165mm(H)
  • Weight: 2950 grams

Electrical Specifications

  • Power Source: 1 X 1.5V AA Lithium battery, 1.5V AA Alkaline battery or 1.2V AA rechargeable battery
  • Battery Life (Lithium battery):  72 hours (IR-OFF) at 20°C, >36 hours (IR-ON) at 20°C
  • IR ON” Indicator: Red LED in eyepiece
  • Low Voltage Indicator: Flashing red LED in eyepiece
  • High Levels of Light Indicator: Yellow LED in eyepiece
  • Automatic Shutoff:  Automatic turnoff of the monocular stowed position with Helmet mount or Head mount

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: -51°C/+55°C
  • Storage Temperature: -51°C/+71°C
  • Humidity: %95 relative humidity (+68°C/+23°C)
  • Immersion: 8m water 30 minutes
  • Operation Altitude: 3500m
  • Storage Altitude: 12500m