TV / CE-2 Scout Defilade Periscope is a surveillance periscope consisting of high-quality aluminium body, prisms and lenses developed for military use. The night vision goggle mount provides continuous monitoring during day/night.

General Features:

  • Battery-free operation
  • Use with flashlight, camera and night vision goggle adapter
  • Easy to hand carry or in a carrying case due to its lightweight structure
  • Safe, easy and cost-effective monitoring
  • Different colour options available

Usage Purpose and Areas

  • Surveillance
  • Stairwells
  • Walls and behind covers
  • Corners
  • Rooms and basements


  • Carrying case
  • Hard case
  • Flashlight connection adapter
  • Night vision goggle connection adapter
  • Anti-reflective device

Technical Specifications

  • Magnification:   4x-9x (adjustable)
  • Field of view:   9,5° (@4x), 5,0° (@9x)
  • Diopter adjustment   -5°-+5°
  • Weight:   <600g
  • Surveillance range from above:   55 cm