Highly stabilized and superior optical performance for long range monitoring.

For a stable medium to long range imaging, Transvaro presents the stirling cooled TRV / VAMPIRE 018 MW, an infrared module, based on a cooled

MWIR engine with an ultra-low 25 mK NETD detector and configured with a high-performance zoom lens.

The zoom control over serial protocol together with advanced on-board image processing for increased contrast performance, makes the XCO-640 module the perfect fit for flexible and mobile observation platforms for law enforcement, homeland security and perimeter surveillance.

Full flexibility is offered with a multiple digital interface functionality such as GigE Vision and CameraLink. Digital and analog out are available simultaneously. The fast trigger in/out allows for easy synchronisation with other control systems. The exposure time is fully adjustable. Furthermore, the high-speed frame rate can be further increased in windowing mode.

This core will meet the requirements of the professional security market looking for specialty and customizable features.

General Features:

  • Easy connectivity
  • High resolution and high speed monitoring
  • On-board image processing
  • Custom optical alignment for 15-330mm or 30-660mm

Designed to be used with/in

  • Night vision
  • Border control
  • Airplane tracking
  • Harbour protection
  • Perimeter protection
  • Long range surveillance