With over 30 years of experience in the defense industry and developing electro-optic systems, Transvaro offers specially designed and high-tech pan-tilt solutions for your applications.

Our products have the capability to be used in a wide variety of applications, such as optical imaging, weapon systems and air, ground and sea detection systems.

Responsive sensors and special gearing systems are used for applications requiring position stability.

Position, angle, speed, compass and GPS location information can be added to the interface as an option.

To access the software interface, Rs 422 allows protocols such as Can bus.

The internal stabilization feature is offered as an alternative for moving vehicle applications.

The desired payload can be equipped with a special mechanical connection interface.

Working angles, rotation speeds can be arranged as needed.

We have items with load capacity up to 5,10,20,30,40 and 50 kg.

It has the potential to operate at low and high temperatures (-30, + 60).

It provides IP67 dust and liquid resistance in harsh weather conditions.

It is fitted with a 7075 T6 Aluminum monocoque body machined on precision CNC machines.

Thanks to its ceramic-based coating, it is resistant to impact, corrosion and chemical effects.

By choosing our products with internal stabilization feature, you can integrate them on moving vehicles.


Motor typeStep Motor
Rotating anglePan 0-360® with endstop, Tilt -40® to +40® (option : custom angles up to® -90 to +90®)
SpeedPan 0,01® ~24®/sec

Tilt  0,01® ~11,43®/sec

Positioning accuaracy<0,02®
Load Capacity5 kg20 kg50 kg
MountTop mount up to 5 kgTop mount up to 20 kgTop mount up to 50 kg
Voltage SupplyDC18V-DC32V
Operation  Temperature-10 ‘C  +65 ‘C (option : -25 ‘C  +65 ‘C)
Weight15 kg18 kgDepends
Size (mm)240Dx352Wx258H284Dx358Wx358HDepends
Power Consumption<0,02
Baud rate2400/4800/9600/19200 bps , N,8,1
Communication interfaceCANBUS
WiringSTx wiring or customized wiring (lens and aux control optional)