TRV-HPEM18S system is composed of remote controlled unmanned vehicle with having HPEM (High Power
Electromagnetic) generator and UWB antenna as payload. The system generates very high magnitude electrical field
and radiates this by antenna. This radiated electrical pulse effects the IED (Improvised Electronic Device) triggered
threat with result of either deactivate or pre-detonate the thread.
Unlike Jammers, effective only for remote controlled IEDs, TRV HPEM18S system is effective all kind of IED
triggered thread.
TRV-HPEM18S has two main subsystems. Remote controlled vehicle that carries the HPEM payload and Operator
Control Unit. Remote control can be achieved both wireless and wired methods according to the user requirements.
The TRV-HPEM18S is designed as a whole system to withstand the radiated electric field it generates does not
interfere with the system itself.
The TRV-HPEM18S has powered by Li-ion battery cells enough for 3 hours continuous operation.