General Features:

The following units are included in the electro-optical suite:

  • Long Range (MWIR) Thermal Camera
  • Day/Night Vision Camera
  • VNIR/SWIR cameras (optional)
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Laser Target Pointer
  • GPS and Digital Magnetic Compass
  • Fusion Vision System (optional)
  • Pan-Tilt Zoom Unit
  • Control and Display Unit

Technical Specifications:

  • It does not need “boresight” and “calibration” adjustment
  • Pay Load minimum 20 kg
  • Weight of the electro-optics suite:<12kg
  • It can be easily mounted and demounted on a mast or a tripod
  • Several Electro-Optical suits can be networked, integrated and managed by a software application (optional)
  • With 30-660mm optics 2,3X2,3 NATO target under clear weather conditions NFOV: Detection: 22 km, Recognition: 11 km
  • Focus range: minimum 100m to infinity, continuous optical zoom
  • Laser range finder max range: ​>30km, for NATO target: >10km
  • Daylight camera objective: 90X optical zoom

Integration requirements for Electro-Optical Unit:

  • Total weight of integration equipment, electro-optical unit and pan & tilt unit: <70 Kg.
  • Pan & tilt unit moves the sensors on the system horizontally and vertically.
  • Pan (Azimuth) axis can rotate continuously n x 360° and Tilt (elevation) axis can rotate +/-40°
  • Pan & tilt speeds up to 50°/sec Position accuracy of maximum 0.1° / 1σ both in azimuth and elevation
  • The speed and the direction control of the pan-tilt unit is being done by the control unit.