TRSD-500 Acoustic sniper detection system detects the location (position and distance) of fired weapons such as infantry, sniper rifles and machine guns.

The system can be easily mounted/demounted on the shoulder. With a mini display, the system will show the direction and distance information of the shot fired and the user will also be alerted by a corresponding alert sound via an earpiece.

TRSD-500 system also Works in residential areas with background noises and in terrain settings  with echo effects.  Thanks to the control panel on the screen the systems settings can be changes easily and quickly.

General Features:

  • Detects the location of the shooting location and distance on the lateral and vertical axis
  • The system runs smoothly, even when the user is on the move, standing still, standing tilted or lying down
  • Alerts the personnel visual , by showing screen markings with the location of the shooter, and by a warning sound trough the small display and headset
  • Will reshow previous shots if needed
  • Lightweight and can be easily removed from the ballistic vest
  • Easy to carry and to store conveniently in the system case

Technical Specifications:

  • Detects shots up to 500 meters
  • Distance maximum margin of error +/- %20
  • Lateral maximum margin of error +/- % 8
  • Accuracy of the detected shot is min >% 85
  • Uses metric system data
  • Detects the shot passing from 1-25 meters
  • On-screen USB interface to retrieve past generated data and the possibility of installing a new software
  • Operating time for 6 hours
  • Weight : <600g