OSD®2500 is a multifunctional long range optical sniper and observer detection unit. The device is integrated with very
low light daytime camera, optics scanning module, laser range finder, laser pointer, GPS and digital magnetic compass.
It has a compact and robust structure and easy to use.
A multi-sensor detection system,
-Locate and identify snipers and observers,
-Inform target location to counter sniper units,
-Long range protection for troops.


• Sniper and observer detection up to 2500 meter.
• 360° automatic operation or manual operation modes.
• Very Low-Light Daylight Camera with Optical and Digital Magnification
• Very Low Light Camera day-night modes / electronic defog / contrast / saturation / detailing
• Photo / video capture and display function in internal memory
• Transfer of recordings in internal memory to USB memory and video recording on USB memory
• Laser range finder measurement in meters / yards / feet
• Target vertical and horizontal distance, spot elevation, direction and elevation angles and coordinate display
• Geographical, UTM and GRID coordinate detection
• Operator Control Unit or Rugged Tablet Control Unit
• Remote control feature with serial communication interface
• Pan-Tilt Unit It can move n x 360 ° continuously in horizontal (pan) and +/- 40 ° in vertical (tilt) axis. Pan-Tilt Horizontal-Vertical
axis angular speed can be increased up to 20 ° / s and position precision is 0.1 °. (1σ for the horizontal and vertical axis).
• Pan-Tilt unit speed and position control is done with a command control unit.


Resolution: 2 Mp. 1920×1080
Electronic Zoom: 8x
Optical Magnification: 35x continuous zoom
Narrow Field of View: 2°

Detection Range >2500 meters
Mode Manual or full automatic 360°
Spectral Band: 830 nm
Scanner FOV ±10°
Laser Power 1 Watt
Laser Class Class 3B

Spectral Band: 1.54 μm ± 10μm Eye-Safe
Distance: a) For 2.3×2.3m typical target, the maximum
measurement distance is 2 km.
b) Building, building etc. for targets, 6km
Distance Accuracy: ≤±5m
Position Accuracy: ≤15m

Resolution: 0.1°
Orientation Accuracy: 1° (RMS)

Wavelength: 840 nm ±20nm
Beam divergence: 0.5 mrad
Distance (at night and in open weather conditions): 10km

Operating temperature: -20°C~+50°C
Tightness: IP67

Operational use: 24/7, with / without operator
Power Supply: Mains or 24V battery
Weigth: 4.5 Kg
Dimensions: 310mm(L) x 215mm(W) x 195mm(H)