TRANSVARO’s HRFD-U360 is a passive, network-attached detectorfor radio frequencies (RF) of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones. HRFD-U360 is designed for deployment in monitor or secure a designated area, such as: Border, airport, upscale villa area, private island, oil refinery, power plant and etc.



The HRFD-U360 is a flexible deployment, compact design, highly portable, low cost system which consisting of one or more remotely stationed radar sensors networked to a central control and display unit.


The HRFD-U360 has all weather, all light level capability and can detect either moving or stationary targets. It is a low power continuous scan microwave radar sensor. Due to its small size and lightweight nature, it is easily transported and set up.

The HRFD-U360 can be configured for either temporary or permanent installations.




  • Portable, low cost, lightweight (<11Kg,45 x 35cm, IP65)•Long-range detection and early-warning up to ≥5km
  • Wide Frequency Range: 300MHz—6000MHz
  • Recognition technology: Spectrum feature + Decoding
  • Intuitive presentation of data –Can be integrated with customer system
  • Long-range detection Detect vehicles and watercrafts –up to 1000 meters
  • Automatic self checking with status warning.






Frequency range: 300Mhz-6000Mhz;

Scanning speed: 20GHz/s (25kHz resolution)

Polarization mode: vertical polarization

Detection range: ≥ 5km (UAV transmitting power 0.1W, standard test site);

Recognition technology: Spectrum feature and decoding recognition

Minimum detection time: ≤ 3s

Direction finding accuracy: ≤ 5 °(RMS standard site);

Equipment power: ≤ 100W

Structural dimension: 456MM * 352mm

Weight < = 11kg

Power supply mode: 220 V AC

Data interface: RJ45 interface

Working temperature: -20 ℃~ + 60 ℃;

Storage temperature: -40 ℃~ + 65 ℃;

Relative humidity: normal working 93% (temperature 35 ℃)

bearing condition 93% (temperature 40 °C)

Rainfall intensity: working condition: rainfall rate 0.8mm/min

bearing condition: the average rainfall rate within 1 hour is not less than 2.5 mm / min

Shock and vibration: Can withstand the bumpy impact and vibration duringdriving