System power supply: battery power or 220V AC power can be used
Power consumption of the whole machine: ≤ 400W;
Overall dimension: 500mm × 380mm × 230mm;
Overall weight: ≤ 30kg;
Communication interface: 10 / 100M Ethernet, RS422 / RS232 interface
Operating temperature: – 30 ℃ to + 45 ℃;
Maintainability: MTTR ≤ 30min (field replaceable parts);
Supportability: provide attached accessories such as connecting cable, carrying case, dismantling tool, operation and
maintenance instructions, display and control software CD and other documents.
Reliability: MTBF > 1000 hours.
Safety: personnel operate the equipment, no electric shock and leakage when contacting the shell, with surge
protection function of equipment power supply and power lightning protection.
Supportability: provide installation and debugging accessories: supporting cable, supporting aviation plug-in, easy to
remove rain cover, aviation packaging box.
Quality assurance requirements: the corresponding quality assurance system shall be established according to the
characteristics of the product, and the quality control shall be implemented for the product development and
production process.

(1) Working frequency: 433.05MHz-434.79MHz
(2) Transmitting power: ≥ 40W
900MHz GSM
(1)Working frequency: 850mhz –970mhz
(2)Transmitting power: ≥ 20W
1800MHz GSM
(1) Operating frequency: 1790mhz –1900MHz
(2) Transmitting power: ≥ 20W
(1) Working frequency: 2400MHz –2483.5MHz
(2) Transmitting power: ≥ 20W
(1) Working frequency:
a) Band 1: 1170mhz –1280mhz (GPS L2, GPS L5, GLONAS L2)
b) Band 2: 1550mhz –1620mhz (GPS L1, GLONAS L1)
(2) Transmitting power: ≥ 20W
5G(5700MHz -5900MHz)
(1) Working frequency: 5700mhz –5900mhz
(2) Transmitting power: ≥ 20W