A tube-launched loitering munitions system equipped with a wing-folding mechanism.
The Fedai Loitering Munition System is a combat vehicular UAV that provides a highly targeted strike capability with
either an antipersonal or anti-tank warhead.

The system’s unique feature is a folding wing structure in order to fit inside a canister-launching system.
The system can be launched pneumatically from a tube mounted on any ground vehicle,or site at which point the wings
unfold once it gets airborne. The addition of a DROKA radar and Thermal/Day-night cameras and FCS to the warhead allows
for the assessment of a target before launching a strike, and a number of fail safe mechanisms means that missions can be
easily aborted if intelligence is revised.
The attack mode initiates a strike on a selected target, and control of the AV is fully-autonomous during a strike.
The user is shown a video feed, at the mobile control stationof DROKA from the camera mounted on the front of the warhead,
and this can be used to assist in directing the aircraft.


The FEDAI airframe can incorporate various types of
warheads (training, high-exposive anti-personal, anti-tank),
which are interchangeable and can be changed in the field
depending on the mission objectives.
Standart: 2000 fragment,25m radious Sephire with 1.2kg

Auto mode – the main flight mode that is pre-programmed
by the user prior to a flight. During this mode the AV will
take-off and then follow a series of waypoints according to a
flight plan. However, at any point during this mode three
further modes can be activated:
Loiter flight mode – The AV orbits a point over the ground.
Fly to coordinate – This flight mode is similar to the ‘Loiter
Flight Mode’ except that the AV will fly from its current
position to a new position set by the operator.
Cruise – This mode causes the AV to fly in a straight line in
the direction that the camera is facing.
Search – This mode is use for slow diving flight necessary for
proper target selection.
Attack – This mode initiates a strike. The automated videotracker
allows for a precise target hit without the operator’s
control even after the loss of communication.

• Max. airspeed: 80 kilometres per hour (50 mph)
• Max altitude: 500 metres (1,600 ft)
• Range: 40 kilometres (25 mi)
• Endurance: 30 minutes
• Weight: 5 kilograms
• Length: 1.1 metres
• Wingspan: 1.7 metres
• Warheads (Two different)
• Fragmentation:20 m Lethal radious
• Sharped Charge:100 mm steel Armour
• Parasute Landing:Availible
• Single and Four Cannister Types are Availible


The take-off of the FEDAI is fully automated. The platform is
launched from a tube mounted on any vehicle. The AV is
launched following a series of pre-flight tests to ensure
communication between the ground control station and the
AV. Take-off is fully automated ensuring that the AV will
climb to 500 m before switching to the chosen flight plan.
Landing of the vehicle, in an emergency is possible using a
manual landing flight mode. The air vehicle will land, by belly
landing, in any open area identified by the user. In addition,
the warhead may be detonated remotely when the air
vehicle is in flight allowing for the abortion of a mission.
• Main features
• High targeting accuracy
• Interchengaeble warheads
• Low accoustic trace
• High performance
• Modular /Multi canister-launching system
• Integrated with DROKA Systems