ENGEREK-C120 / HD sniper thermal weapon sight is designed to be used together with the daytime optical sight on sniper rifles.
ENGEREK-C120 / HD has the ability to detect people and vehicles continuously for 24 hours even in poor visibility conditions, and unlike night vision
devices, it can easily detect targets in complete darkness and combat environment. The ENGEREK-C120 / HD has the latest uncooled thermal imager
technology, lightweight, compact and has low power consumption. There is no reticle and sight zeroing device on the Thermal Scope, and the reticle
and sight zeroing capabilities of the daytime optical scope are utilized.


OPTIC SPECIFICATIONSView Angle3.67° x 2.93°5.86° x 4.4°3.67° x 2.93°5.86° x 4.4°
Optic Zoom1X7.52X3.76X
Digital and Optic Total Zoom1.0 ~ 8.0X1.0 ~ 4.0X7.52 ~ 60X3.75 ~ 15X
Detection Distance (0.75×1.8 m Human Silhouette Target 1.5 cycle)2015 m
Identification Distance (0.75×1.8 m Human Silhouette Target 3.8 cycle)936 m
Spectral BandLWIR (8-14 µm)
Pixel Pitch12 µm
NETDMax 50 mK (with F1.0 lens)
Image RateMax 25 Hz
PolarityWarm White, Cold White
Color PalettesMin 5
GENERAL SPECIFICATIONSLiningDigital Noise Reduction, Digital Detail Enhancement
MultimediaImage and Video RecordingImage and Video Recording
Battery Count, Type2 units of Lithium Polymer 18650
Battery Life (Normal Use)360 min240 min360 min240 min
ColorType 3 Hard Anodized with TAN Color Coating Screw, cover, button, accessories and other parts may have different colors
Body MaterialAluminum 7075-T6
Rail InterfaceCompatible with STANAG 4684 Attachable-detachable without any tool, lock mechanism against self-opening No more than 0.5 MOA change during assembly/disassembly of target line and between shoots
Optic Axis HeightHeight of colorimeter/ocular optic axis above Picatinny rail is 40±3mm
Target AngleThe height between colorimeter’s optic axis and Picatinny rail increases with an angle of 40±3 MOA as it moves towards the user
OLED Resolution1024×7681280×1024
OLED TypeColor
Device Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) (cm)25 x 15 x 1027 x 15 x 1023 x 15 x 1025 x 15 x 10
Total Weight of Device and Mounting Bracket (Without Accessories)1.75 Kg1.95 Kg1.65 Kg1.75 Kg