The ENGEREK 8 is a multi-function cooled handheld thermal binoculars device.

The device is integrated with a thermal camera, day camera, laser range finder, GPS and electronic compass. It has a compact and robust structure, is easy to use and transportable.

General Features:

  • Integrated infrared (IR), thermal and day camera
  • Infrared/visible light and continuous zoom function
  • Photo/video capture and playback function, pictures and videos can be read via the USB interface
  • Laser range finder
  • Self-positioning and target positioning
  • Power management, IR contrast adjustment, IR brightness adjustment
  • IR image polarity, auto gain, polarization
  • Video output and serial port communication interface, OLED display operational with external display units
  • External GPS module interface


  • Border security
  • Duty, patrol
  • Target locating

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications
IR Thermal Camera
Detector Resolution Cooled T2SL Super Lattice 640×512 15µm
Spectral range 3~5µm (MWIR)
Electronic zoom 8x
Optical magnification 15x continuous zoom
Field of view 2.04°x1.63°~20.16°x16.19°
Day Kamera
Resolution ≥1920×1080
Electronic Zoom 4x
Optical magnification 30x continuous zoom
Field of view Horizontal WFOV 60.5° NFOV 2.3°
Operating Ranges 1.8mx0.5m Human 2.3mx2.3m NATO
Detection ≥8.5km ≥21km
Recognition ≥2.9km ≥7km
Identification ≥1.4km ≥3.5km
Position Accuracy ≤15m
Frequency L1 Frequency
Digital Magnetic Compass
Resolution 0.1°
Orientation accuracy 1° (RMS)
Laser Range Finder
Spectral Band 1.55m Eye Safe
Range a) 2.3mx2.3m target, maximum range> 8km

b) Structure, buildings targets etc.  > 12km

Range accuracy ≤±5m
Image enhancement Automatic image filtering and sharpness
Brightness/Contrast Automatic/Manuel
Polarity White-hot/black-hot
Video storage Video recording time >4hrs
Video format MP4/AVI
Picture format JPG
OLED Colour, 1280×1024
Video interface PAL analog video, with BNC interface
Connector interface RS232 or RS422
Power input External power supply: DC12V±0.5V
Operating time continuous with battery ≥4h@ normal temperatures
Environmental parameters
Operating temperature -20°C~+55°C
Immersion IP67
Physical Specifications
Weight ≤3.5Kg (incl. batteries)
Dimensions 325mmx190mmx111mm