The ENGEREK® 8 is a multi-function cooled handheld thermal binoculars device.

The device is integrated with a MWIR cooled thermal camera, day camera, laser range finder, GPS and electronic compass. It has a compact and robust structure, is easy to use and transportable.


  • Optical and digital magnification with a MWIR cooled thermal camera
  • Thermal automatic gain/palette/contrast/Gain ROI Selection /Detail Enhancement
  • Low Light Day Camera with Optical and Digital Magnification
  • Low Light Camera night-day modes/electronic de-fog/contrast/saturation/Detail Enhancements
  • Photo / video capture and display function in internal memory
  • Transferring pictures and videos from internal memory to USB
  • Laser Range finder measuring in meter/yard/feet
  • Target distance vertical and horizontal, altitude, direction and elevation angles and coordinate display
  • Geographic, UTM and GRID coordinate display
  • Day / Thermal Cooler Standby / Thermal Cooler Active modes for Energy Saving
  • Mountable on Pan-Tilt and controlled via Controller Unit with display and user interface.
  • Serial communication interface with remote control feature
  • Video output interface, direct-to-screen connection feature


  • Border security
  • Duty, patrol
  • Target locating