To respond quickly and appropriately to any threat new generation ‘’TRANSVARO LASER RANGE FINDER’’

The TV/LRF 2500-3500 Laser Rangefinder, capable of long-distance measurements under the most demanding conditions in extremely hot and low visibility environments, measures distances quickly and reliably enabling rapid and appropriate response to threats. It has been designed in accordance with the needs of the armed forces, security forces and special forces and is an effective solution in many demanding applications.

Transvaro Laser Range Finder can measure up to 6,000 m quickly and precisely, has Class 1 eye safe laser and uses 6x magnification in order to determine the target distance.

Transvaro TV/LRF 2500-3500 Laser Range Finder can be used easily with one hand using a single key and can be easily connected to a night vision monocular. To provide bright and clear images at every distance, lenses and prisms have the latest technology coatings.

The Laser Range Finder has been quality checked and tested according to MIL-STD-810. Bluetooth, GPS, inclinometer and a magnetic compass are available. Distances can be measured in meters or yards.

  • Laser Class 1 and Eye Safe.
  • Range capability up to 6000 meters.
  • One-handed use of device.
  • 6x magnification.
  • Bluetooth communication is available.
  • GPS, inclinometer and a magnetic compass is available

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