It is a company that designs and manufactures Thermal, Night Vision and IR / Laser Devices and has gained experience in assembly and repair of image intensifier tubes (18mm and 25mm).


Integrated Management Policy

  • Contributing to the national economy and the Turkish defence industry, by producing high technology military and civilian devices/systems
  • Manufacturing and controlling based on military standards; to develop a sub-industry capable of high precision manufacturing
  • Developing customized solutions for the design and production of military and civil electronic devices
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction at the highest level by continuously improving product and service quality and to be a reputable and reliable company for our customer
  • Ensuring training and continuous development of all employees; to support teamwork and cooperation
  • By conducting risk assessment in terms of integrated management systems of our products and processes; in order to determine the effects on the product, environment and our employees in advance, to eliminate the possible risks or work more efficiently.
  • Encouraging employees to contribute to the continuous improvement of the system through their opinions and suggestions
  • To comply in all our activities with the rules and legislation, the commercial and social ethics, and to take care of our environment
  • Transvaro A.Ş. management is committed to the implementation, development and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management which was established to meet the mentioned goals