How Can We Help You?

The questions mostly wondered about Transvaro products were answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section. If you cannot find a suitable answer, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
'You can ask us at +90 (212) 473 01 00 or write an e-mail at

The most frequently asked questions

Who can buy Transvaro products?

The sale of materials subject to the control status which Transvaro produces is subject to the provisions of Regulation No. 2007/11994. In order to be able to sell, all of our products except some accessories are subject to control, permission must be obtained and the buyer company must have the Facility Security Certificate obtained from MNS if it is not a public institution.

Where can Transvaro products be purchased?

You can get the products and accessories that are not subject to control from contact points in Istanbul – Halkalı and Ankara – Tandogan. However, the sales conditions and stock status of the product you need must be confirmed beforehand.

In addition to this, the product can be ordered by mail-order method and in this method the products are sent by cargo to the recipient address. For this, you can send a message on the contact form about order. The officers will call you for details.

Are there any online sales?

There is no contracted web site where our products are sold over the internet.

Are there any job opportunities appropriate to me at Transvaro?

Transvaro supplies its human resources needs for vacated and newly created positions through KARİYER.NET . Open positions in our group of companies, if any, can be seen and evaluated through this site or CV can be sent to e-mail address

Can I work as an intern at Transvaro?

Transvaro accepts internship applications from students studying in Vocational High Schools and higher schools in many branches within a certain quota. Please inform us about your school, your branch, the time interval you need to work as an intern and the branches, if you have any, by using the web form to get a definitive answer. You will be answered by taking into account this information and the quota situation.