For safety and comfort we produced ‘’UYGAR’’ an extra lightweight and ergonomic aircraft crew helmet

TV/UYGAR Rotary – and Fixed Wing – Aircrafts Crew Helmets

UYGAR, a versatile helmet system for commercial and military pilots, designed to be used for air crews of rotary and fixed wing aircrafts, without an ejection seat.

With its ease of use, ergonomics and extra light construction, UYGAR is optimized for the use with pilot night vision goggles in many application areas. It provides comfort and safety for the air crew, especially during long-term operations.

UYGAR with its superior customization options, and accessories, is designed to provide superior shock protection despite its extra light construction, providing a comfortable user experience for a long time with its ergonomics and easy set-up.


Lightweight But Durable

  • Extremely lightweight construction
  • Strong epoxy resin, aramid and carbon fibre shell
  • Impact and puncture protection


Easy Set-up

  • Quick & easy set-up of retention system and ear comms for perfect fit


Long-term Comfort

  • Excellent passive sound reduction technology
  • Advanced ceiling flooring system preventing moisture formation
  • Hygienic structure
  • Helps reducing thermal heat voltage
  • Optional active noise reduction


Application Areas

  • Air Force
  • Commercial usage
  • Air Ambulance
  • Firefighter
  • Aerobatics demonstration
  • Crop disinfection & Forestry


Personalization Options

  • The standard UYGAR helmet in different configurations meets the requirements of the user
  • Fibre reinforced, carbon fibre structure with ventilation ducts in the outer shell
  • 3 sizes available
  • Single or double visor options (colourless, colour, yellow and laser protection)
  • Optional Active Noise Reduction
  • Various connection sockets, side connector, microphone, impedance options
  • Shell colour and surface treatment options
  • Visor protector, reflective tape options and more


Options and Accessories

  • Shell Colour
  • Visor – Single / Double / Laser Protected
  • Visor Protector
  • Passive / Active Sound Reduction
  • Cable and Input Options
  • Microphones
  • Reflective Tape
  • Accessories available on the market


Visor ProtectorVisorEar comm’s headsetCableInput OptionsMicrophone
MediumColourless & ColourPassive 150 OhmSpiral (1M)UK NATOM7/DC
Hard (NVG)Yellow & ColourPassive 600 OhmStraight (1M)U174M87
SoftActive sound reductionTwin PlugWaterproof
Waterproof6 Pin Lemo
8 Pin Lemo

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